The Words

CBS Films

The Words is a movie about a struggling young writer who finds a long, lost manuscript, presents it as his own and becomes a celebrated author. When the original author steps forward, the audience bears witness to the consequences of stealing another man’s life. The film follows multiple story lines across a half-century and delves into themes like love, ambition, regret, hope, dreams, failure, and choice.

To bring the movie to life in the digital space, we focused our media and creative resources on high-impact units to get attention, tug at emotions and offer the viewer an immersive experience by including interactive elements in each creative execution. The film’s microsite featured a unique navigational element that enabled visitors to sort all of the content on the site for a customized viewing experience. The effect pushed forward content and themes that were most interesting to the user. Each piece of content was also tagged for social sharing to enhance word-of-mouth buzz for the film.