Brand Site

The Seeker Wines

The Seeker is a lively collection of wines from all over the world. And when they wanted to create an online experience that embodied the brand’s adventurous spirit, they turned to MAUDE. We delivered a website that takes visitors on a journey and enables them to explore, learn and share their newfound discoveries.

The site elevates social to encourage interaction at every turn. For example, a cleverly designed footer slides open to reveal the brand’s Twitter, Facebook and Interest feeds. Each wine is also tagged for social sharing and introduces visitors to the eccentric cast of characters that personify each varietal. And consumer interaction isn’t limited to the virtual world. The brand actively updates its News & Events page to give consumers ample opportunities to engage with the brand and other fans in person.

We also incorporated details to surprise and delight consumers on every visit. For instance, the site has a unique feature that changes the site from day to night depending on the time of visit. Flying ships featured on each Seeker Wine label also float randomly across the pages of the site. And rather than burying search functionality, we featured it prominently, signaling to visitors that this is a site to actively explore. Finally, the site embraces responsive design for optimal viewing across multiple platforms.

The result is an online experience that continually refreshes, encourages engagement and rewards visitors who climb aboard and play an active part in the brand story.