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'Workaholics' Copy Machine (Comedy Central)

We were tasked with creating a compelling display ad for Comedy Central's Workaholics. Our strategy was to shatter the conceptions of the clich├ęd 'workplace comedy,' and communicate that Workaholics was a hilarious show worthy of a whole new generation of slackers. So we ideated a creative execution to showcase the guys in the most fitting and "slacker-appropriate" way possible: the ubiquitous office copy machine. Comedy Central loved the idea so much that they based all the show's other media (on-air promotions, OOH, online) around it. They also gave us the green light to arrange for a photo shoot with the talent to get the assets necessary to pull off this insightful, unique and one-of-a-kind execution. The result was a campaign which garnered a CTR more than six times the industry average.